best men’s jobs – one


Work as a coach is an enviable job for men.
Especially serve for  women. Very happy, and also make money.
Of cause , you need to have a positive attitude.

best men’s jobs – two


The best job for man may be renovation work
As you know, decoration is a work which highly integrated mental and physical
Anyone will be satisfied with a finished project which is designed by himself.

jobs and mens cologne 2014


When you work hard , you need maintain your mood.
As important as your jobs, the colognes is.
Maybe you use cologne in many years ago, you forget or can not resolute what’s the best mens cologne 2014, That’s no problem because you can find all the informations in .
Of course, this is only one part of your life. After jobs you need more knowledge, for example makeup, dating.

Welcome to Balearic Jobs and the 2011 season, our 10th!


So which one are you?

Embarking on a summer of working in any of the Balearic Islands, the most popular of the four being Ibiza and Mallorca? Perhaps you’re even thinking of permanently relocating? Perhaps you are undecided and would like straight up and unbiased advice? Perhaps you are a worker that has returned and would like to help others and catch up? Looking for the facts, figures and vacancies? Any which way, you are in the right place.

I won’t bore you, but a little bit about Balearic Jobs if I may! It was set up in early 2001 to help, mostly but not exclusively, young workers whom have little idea of what to expect or do. It was never set up as a commercial exercise, although it has developed into a small scale business project for me, it was however set up with a genuine goal of helping people with advice. In other words, advice on here is both free and not biased by any sponsorship. It was set up to help people such as my self feel like they are not the only ones undertaking this seemingly crazy pursuit of going to work in a place such as Ibiza. Obviously I was not the only one, as these years on I now have well in excess of ten thousand forum members and often exceed fifty thousand user sessions per month!

Balearic Jobs is home to many employers who use this resource free of charge to find workers (often privately and off message board board) and post their own vacancies. Many experienced workers are also frequent posters on the boards, helping to answer questions from both inexperienced workers and returning workers. It’s a popular place to meet travel partners and future roomies. And of course much more besides.

So, get into it. The best place to start is usually our message board which over the years has become a bit of a meeting hub for workers whom are always organising some workers party or meetup. We have well over ten thousand members, so you’ll find somebody to talk too and I’ll think you will be amazed to find out exactly how many people share your ideas and situation.

Welcome, have a great time on my site!

Rob, Webmaster of Balearic Jobs


In March 2004 I started a thread on the Balearic Jobs message board on the subject of money transfering services (which is still there! Click here to see it).

A lot of people have problems sending money home cheaply and quickly internationally, so I asked the Balearic Jobs community and this is the list of services that they came up with;

"ultrafunk" suggested;

Western Union

Western Union Locations in the Balearics (from Western Unions Site)THE PHONE BOX
(34 ) ( ) 902010701

Could not find any in Mallorca or Menorca.

"I" suggested

Start with Eurocheque, International Money Order or bank cheque.
Below are the banks in Balearic Islands.  Send an email to the London representative listed below.  Try to find a European bank with a branch where you are working.
Banca March – Banca March –
Banco de Crédito Balear – Banco de Crédito Balear –
19 B, Craven Road
Londres-W2 3BP
Tel.: 0044 207 402 73 93
Fax: 0044 207 402 78 35

Banca March Bank offers a EURO Account for international visitors – click here for more information

chrissiemurray suggested

There´s an option called SWIFT to pay back loans or Credit Cards which is free when you have the account details of the company you are sending the money to. call them up and get the Sort code, Reference no, PAYE and Post-Code for the company. add to that your name and address and e.g. full Visa number and you can send money with no charge. Also, if you send a Euro cheque to the payments, barclaycard said they would not charge for the currency transfer. ask your card or loan company. there are a lot of us in this situation and they each have protocol for it.and finally "driven" suggested;I also needed to transfer money from a foreign country back to my family in Romania. After doing some research on the web I narrowed my selection to 3 companies: paypal,2checkout and iKobo. To my unpleasant surprise paypal didn’t cover Romania, and 2cO’s setup fee was too high for me to afford, so my only option remained iKobo. After creating my account free of charge at I put money into the account. After 5 business days my family received a visa plus card and then could withdraw the money from a visa ATM. So far everything was ok, I hope things will stay this way.

Here are a list of budget flight web sites, that fly to the Balearics.

Tip. It is sometimes cheaper to book a return flight than a one way or alternatively you may find it better to book your initial short term accommodation, for example a hotel, at the same time as your flight.
My personal experience with budget travel web sites that there is no short way of doing it if you truly want the cheapest price. They are full of gimmicks and statements such as the oldest in the book "this will be the last travel site you will ever visit" but the only way is just to spend a couple of hours checking each site.


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